The best spinning classes in Toronto have cyclists abandoning bike lanes across the city in favour of a safe indoor ride. Safer, yes, but I didn't say it was easy. Not since yoga has a fitness regime involved so much uncharted vocabulary. Mastering the fly-wheel (this baby has momentum!) is as challenging as remembering what to do when instructed through hill attacks, handlebar positions, and sprints.

Spinning has a reputation for being one of the most challenging and intimidating fitness programs. But, if you choose wisely from this list, there's bound to be a studio that fits your speed. Most Toronto spin studios have a surprisingly uncompetitive vibe, and encourage spinning at a comfortable cadence and resistance level (controlled by you). Be prepared though: saddle sores are inevitable.

Although I will be sticking to my outdoor road bike for the rest of the summer, thank-you-very-much, I can't deny spinning's unmatched ass-kicking calorie-burning power. It hurts so good.

Here's our list of the best spinning classes in Toronto as chosen by readers of this site

RPM Spinning Studio

Bloor West Village is home to RPM, a sunny, 3-level spinning studio also featuring large-capacity Gravity classes (full-body resistance training AKA “hell-but-worth-it”). Conveniences like child care services and the RPM Card payment system eliminate excuses. Best for moms, training (RPM is the official trainer for Ride to Conquer Cancer). Soundtrack is Mix Tape. read more


Spinning plus Yoga equals Spynga. An unlikely pair, maybe? Surprisingly, the hybrid makes perfect sense. Peppy co-owner Casey drills me through intense military-style spinning (“Sit! Lift! Sit!”) then brings me back to earth through serene yoga stretches (“Namaste.”). The vibe here is pretty and feminine, but don’t be fooled. You will sweat. Best for women, yogis, stress-release. Soundtrack features the leading ladies of pop - Gaga, Katy, Fergie. read more

Quad East

The second Quad studio to make this list, this 2-storey loft space has a quiet spa-like atmosphere fitting of its low-key Riverside ‘hood. The stretching room hosts spin-hybrid classes like “Spin and Abs”. Instructor Amy guides classes with at-your-own-level instruction. Quad is worth a visit for the gorgeous change rooms alone. Best for pampering, tailored instruction. Soundtrack is Re-mixed indie pop-rock. read more
Go Gear


Former RPM instructor, Kim, branched out on her own with CYKL in February and she’s already topping our list! It’s not surprising in the least. Professionalism and hospitality are paramount here, and CYKL is the only downtown studio using Real Ryders - bikes that tilt and “turn” just like your road cruiser! Best for spin-virgins, serious yet uncompetitive spinners. Soundtrack features Big Shiny Tunes, live DJ spins. read more

Quad King West

One of three Quad studios, this central location is as swanky and hip as its King West surroundings. Themed music spins keep it fun (we’re having fun, right?). Quad also provides personalized weight management training. Best for social butterflies, the before/after work crowd. Soundtrack features live drummer, Michael Jackson theme spins. read more

Legacy Indoor Cycling

Sometimes you wanna go where every-bo-dy knows your na-a-ame. Or your weight? Andy keeps track of every pound you lose, equating to a discounton services (ie. 30 pounds = 30% off). Low-intimidation and supportive instruction is ideal for beginners. Legacy is the official Toronto trainer for Schwinn instructors. You’re in good hands. Best for newbies, wannabe instructors. Soundtrack is Marky Mark, Inner City, more

Energia Athletics

Kettlebell? But I’ve only just caught on to spinning! Energia offers both, along with run clinics and yoga, for complete body workouts. The reception area doubles as a retail shop, supervised by April, the resident dog. Still a spinning skeptic? Your first class is only $10. Best for Combo full-body workouts. read more

Track Fitness

Wallflowers - this may not be your thing. A full-to-capacity weekday class is indicative of this studio’s popularity, and members are like family. Brazen Dana calls you out for slacking (sometimes by name), and encourages group countdowns/sing-alongs. Luckily, the camaraderie inspires rather than intimidates. Try boxercise and personal training sessions, too. Best for socializing, motivation. Soundtrack features Canadian Rock Anthems. read more

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