The best yoga studios in Toronto are where many of us sweat some balance into our crazy workweek or regain some sanity when it's over. Toronto is actually a big, big yoga town, and many of its teachers are considered world-class.

Yoga is all around us - in the studios listed below, and many more, too. It's on Lake Ontario this summer, with paddleboard yoga class takers splashing and laughing all around. It's in your neighbour's backyard, where he's learning how to do a proper lunge from his partner while the BBQ heats up. And in your boardroom, where your boss has secretly taken on Ashtanga or Bikram to make sure his ticker goes on strong.

For those who have never taken a yoga class, read up and try out a class from the ones below. Most offer one-week unlimited access deals to first-time customers. You could even try all of them sequentially this way, practicing for a song for the next 3 months. I'll be very surprised if you stop once you're done.

Here are the best yoga studios in Toronto.

Octopus Garden

Octopus Garden is the manifestation of Scott Davis and Pat Harada Linfoot’s dream of building a community space for yoga, health and balance, and a community of yogis. The Centre has two spacious, sunny yoga studios and a therapeutic clinic offering massage, traditional Chinese medicine, osteopathy, ayurvedic care and private yoga consultations. read more

Kula Yoga

Kula, which stands for community, is a studio where you can both go to work on a strong practice, or find your strength when you need a soft place to land. This positive space offers anasura-inspired, power flow, prenatal, Baby and Me, yin, queer and brown girl classes. Teachers passionate about their personal practices come together to create community, growth, and serious fund of alignment knowledge. read more

Downward Dog Queen West

Downward Dog at the corner of Queen and Tecumseth has been seeding the world with awesome Ashtanga instructors for more than 15 years. This is, quite literally, one of the mother nodes for learning this discipline. Diane Bruni and Ron Reid understand bodies and how to tease them into flowing, hot vinyasa as few teachers do. For all the Ashtanga knowledge here, though, this is not a purist space. read more
Go Gear


Having practiced yoga for over a decade now, there was a time where after a few years of all-out crazy love, disenchantment started pointing its ugly head. I’d hurt myself by being a keener and I doubted I’d ever enjoy doing yoga again. And then I landed at YogaSpace, where I found my mojo back. This studio exudes love. For long-term practice, self-discovery, the overall healing benefits of yoga, and its students. read more

889 Yoga + Wellness Spa

889 is dedicated to offering a best-in-class yoga experience to its users, be they beginners or avid practitioners. This is perfectionism at its best, yoga-style. A beautiful space, inspiring teachers who’ll make you sweat hard (watch out for these Core classes!) or find your still point depending on what you need that day, an authentically friendly vibe, and a spa for those days where all you need is refuge. read more

Bikram Yoga Beaches

Unlike most hot yoga studios in this city, Bikram Yoga Beaches, as obvious from its name, follows Bikram Choudhury’s 26 asana series. There’s no two ways about this practice. You’ll either love it or stop. This is a good studio to discover the essence of this lineage, with well-established teachers certified by Choudhury himself. Don’t be intimidated. Students of all levels and ages gladly report how practicing here has improved their health, flexibility, and quite simply made them love yoga. read more

Moksha Yoga Downtown

I’m an ashtanga girl myself but this is where you’ll find me doing hot yoga close to home. The Downtown Moksha studio differentiates itself through its excellent teacher lineup, reporting that students (lots of young professionals for neighbouring condos and Queen West hot yoga afficionados) love the fact that they can show up anytime because it will always be a standout class. read more

Breathe Yoga Studio

Breathe prides itself on the precision of its knowledgeable Ashtanga instruction. It has a well-deserved reputation for having one of the best teams of Ashtanga teachers in the city, many of whom are independently sought out for their expertise. read more

Misfit Studio

Misfit Studio is what happens when you take out the incense and put the rock’n roll into yoga, adding lots of Pilates, Ashtanga, anatomy and dance expertise into the mix. Owner Amber Joliat and her merry crew of teachers operate out of quirky open space at Queen and Euclid. Enter through the back alley and discover creative classes where conversation, music and experimentation are encouraged. read more

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